Planned as part of the Recovery Campaign 2020-22, the STMA was envisioned to connect buyers from all markets with Swiss tourism suppliers as promptly as possible after the lockdown. The aim was to lay the foundations for a successful 2021 in a cheerful atmosphere based on personal contact.

The highly motivated local partner Crans-Montana, together with local service providers and the project team from Switzerland Tourism (ST), has made great efforts to prepare the STMA in the best possible way despite the comprehensive protective measures and constantly changing conditions. 

It is a fact, unfortunately, that the major uncertainties surrounding the Covid 19 measures remain. There are constant changes in the number of participants permitted for events. Personal protection measures are interpreted differently from region to region. Entry and quarantine regulations in many countries change practically daily. 

The uncertain future development not only complicates the organization for the local partner and the ST teams. It also leads to a relatively reluctant registration of potential buyers. Above all, it puts pressure on the mood: it is unlikely that the desired positive and optimistic feeling can be achieved. And without this, a commercial sales event which is based on personal contacts cannot be carried out successfully. 

It is therefore with great regret that the ST management has decided to cancel the STMA 2020. A big thank you goes to the local partner Crans-Montana for their competent and committed preparatory work, to the strategic partners SWISS and STS, to the motivated Swiss partners and participants, and to the ST teams who had hopefully and with great dedication committed themselves to the STMA.

Alternative forms and platforms for the exchange between Swiss suppliers and international buyers are now being planned, organized and will be duly communicated at an early stage. 

June 20, 2020.
Official communiqué.


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