Snow Sports Hotels registration

  • Contact details.

  • if different from establishment address
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn
  • Specialization HotellerieSuisse.

    If you do not yet have the specialisation „Snow sports hotel“ from HotellerieSuisse, we will contact you to arrange the specialisation. The specialisation is a prerequisite for participation in the accommodation cooperation Snow Sports Hotels.
  • Free membership for the first year.

    Participation in the accommodation cooperation Snow Sports Hotels is free in the first year.
    The prices quoted are for members of hotelleriesuisse (hs) who benefit from co-financing due to the strategic partnership between hs and ST. For hs non-members, this discount is not valid and a surcharge of 20% on the given price is added.
  • Contract duration.

    This form serves as contractual agreement and shall be valid from the start of the campaign in October 2020 for a period of two years.