Welcome to the Switzerland Tourism Personas Hub! We are excited to introduce you to our new segmentation, which consists of six Leisure Personas based on two scientific studies across nine markets and three Business Personas based on two scientific studies across three market regions. These Personas have replaced our previous segmentation approach, called „Segments,“ and offer a more targeted and personalized experience for our visitors.

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Meet the Leisure Personas

Introduction of Personas

Persona Framework Example

LOU | Down Pacer

Down Pacers are looking for a break from everyday life. They want a care- and stress-free time. Their batteries need recharging, their body and mind need some rest. Switching off is the most important travel motive and they tend to find peace and tranquility in nature.

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Market Distribution

This one pager gives you an overview over the market distribution of every Persona. It helps you to determine which Persona is the strongest in your market and at what percentage. You can put it in relation with the percentage over overnight stays from each market in the left hand column and with the percentage of the personas in all markets in the top row.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about the Personas or the application of the frameworks, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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