Switzerland Tourism has been operating in Spain since 1955, first in Madrid and in 2006 moving its office to Barcelona. In 2022, an antenna was opened in Lisbon with the focus on increasing overnight stays in the Portuguese market. In 2019, the Spanish market recorded 0.458 million overnights in Switzerland and 0.41 million overnights in 2022. With a market share of 1.16%, Spain was the 12th highest ranked source market in 2019. In 2019, the Portuguese market recorded 0.136 million overnights  and 0.13 million overnights in 2022. With a market share of 0.34%, Portugal was the 25th highest ranked source market. Hereafter you find the most important market information.


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Know the basics

AddressSuiza Turismo
C/ Diputación 289
ES-08009 Barcelona
Market ManagerMisha Gambetta, Director España y Portugal
Contact+34 93 467 87 12

Meet the Team

The team consists of three people in Barcelona responsible for the Spanish market and one person in Lisbon for the Portuguese market. 

Research and reports

  • ST market research page –– here
  • ST Research Report 2023 for Spain –– Download here
  • ST Research Report 2023 for Portugal –– Download here
  • ST TMS 2017 –– Download here

Market activities

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Market update and reporting of finalized activities 2023

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Localized annual plan 2024

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Market Situation

The latest market research, even if it shows an important sensitivity about inflation and general insecurity about the world crisis situation, confirms that Spaniards still intend to spend on travel, both at home and abroad as well as on other non-first necessities. This is especially true for the upper middle class, who intend to live for the day and enjoy life.
At the level of European research, Spaniards enter the top 3 of citizens who plan to holiday within Europe during 2024.
While sensitivity to sustainable holidays (i.e. travel by train) is on the rise, especially among the younger target group, Spaniards confirm their great love for the car and consequently a more flexible and last-minute organised itinerary.
The return of night trains (connections are also planned from/to Switzerland) represent a new opportunity for those who prefer more ecological means of transport and a different travel experience (not necessarily cheaper, but with more ’slow‘ modes and times).


GDP is expected to grow by 1.4% in 2024 and 2.0% in 2025. Domestic demand will be the main driver of growth. Private consumption and investment growth will moderate in 2024 due to tight financial conditions and persistent inflation, before picking up in 2025. External demand will be less supportive of growth than in previous years. Inflation is forecast to rise slightly to 3.7% in 2024, before returning to 2.3% in 2025.

Travel industry

ST’s main partners in the market are recovering well after the pandemic and we clearly see how they are re-inventing themselves working on new products and new booking platforms. New sales channels, such as social networks and digital marketing, are being implemented.

The demand for nature trips in Europe is very high, understanding a trip of this type with nights in our «small» boutique towns linked to mountain day excursions where people  can breathe fresher air and view broader vistas. The trains have found their position in the market and the Grand Tour of Switzerland is once again the star product. Over the last few months, we have maintained contact with our key players and are working onseveral campaigns to reactivate the destination. All groups organized for the long weekend in December (5 days) to visit our xmas markets are fully booked.

The positive trend of strong growth in Swiss Travel System products continues, confirming the growth in popularity of products and travel by public transport and mountain railways.

Travel behavior

» Europe by car and camper van: If Spaniards have always liked to go on holidays by car, now more than ever. Natural and nearby destinations are clearly themselves as the favourites. Sales of camper vans have boomed in recent months, reaching all-time records.

» Electric vehicle, a growing sector: The government has recently approved a law on Climate Change that aims to stop selling combustion cars in Spain from 2040. To achieve this, they are launching a plan with financial aid of up to 7,000 EUR for the purchase of an electric car.

» Sustainable tourism: Sustainability has gone from being a topic that only experts talked about to being on everyone’s lips. In 2022 we find a traveller willing to change its travel habits, reduce its carbon footprint and clearly look for eco-friendly destinations. Travelling by train is emerging again as a very valid alternative to the car.

» The comeback of the travel agencies: Factors such as the know-how, the flexibility, the 24/7 support and the cancelation policies lead many to return to using again travel agencies as a booking channel. And the sustainable travel is clearly gaining importance amongst tour operators too, where some even compensate the carbon footprint of their clients by supporting eco-projects.

» Over-digitalisation and long-life to paper: The digitisation of the media sector and the increased use of social media is leading to a digital saturation. Campaigns that combine digital and print are more popular than ever and can be sustainable too. We see the example of maps in recycled paper having great appeal.


The Spanish market focuses primarily on the personas Kris and Max. Find more information about the personas here.  

Key Performance Indicators

Final 2023Budget 2024
Bed nights hotels93’78380’000
Turnover Total (CHF)14’067’45012’000’000
Growth 2022 – 2023
Campaigning & Activation*
·      Top-Marketing Contacts35’711’18135’000’000
·      Customer reactions307’653270’000
·      Tracked Sessions on MyS.com per year1’478’5601’400’000
·      Bouncing Rate on MyS.comn/an/a
·      Engagement Rate on MyS.com55%55.0%
·      Engagement Rate on Social Media0.19%0.19%
Media work (KMM)*
·      Top-Coverage articles9890
·      Top-Coverage media contacts68’106’57770’000’000
·      Qualified Interactions with KMM214210
Trade (KAM)*
·      Influenced overnight with tour operators93’78380’000
·      Influenced revenue with tour operators14’067’45012’000’000
·      Specific group and FIT packages8080
·      Qualified Interactions with KAM389400
·      Meetings: RFP’sn/an/a
·      Influenced revenue business eventsn/an/a
·      Qualified Interactions with business accountsn/an/a
Partner cooperations
·      Investments tourism partners278’000270’000