With almost 1.4 mio generated hotel overnights in 2023, France is Switzerland’s 6th largest source market. Hereafter you find the most important market information.


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Know the basics

AddressSuisse Tourisme
11 bis rue scribe
75009 Paris
Market ManagerAlexa Chessex, Director France
Contact+33 (0)1 44 51 65 48

Meet the Team

The 10 team members based in France work out of our Paris office.

Campaigning and Activation

Sandra Bermudez, Marketing Manager / Deputy Director France

+33 (0)6 21 96 64 88
Christophe Ducry, Marketing Manager

+33 (0)6 72 06 72 50
Orlane Johner, Intern Marketing

+33 (0)1 44 51 65 47

Property Manager

Laetizia Abdou, Property Manager

+33 (0)6 89 72 76 89

Research and reports

  • ST market research page –– here
  • ST Research Report 2023 –– Download here
  • ST TMS 2017 –– Download here

Market activities

Last updated: 23/02/24 by AC

Market update

Localized annual plan 2024

Last updated: 23/02/24 by AC

Market Situation

The year 2024 will be a special year for Paris and for France. For the first time in decades the Olympic and Paralympic Games are taking place in a neighbouring country to Switzerland accessible by public transportation. All eyes are on Paris this year and many French people are very curious to see how/if the city will be transformed following all promises of the government (security, cleanliness, public transportation, accessibility etc).

About 15 million visitors are expected during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. 75% of those visitors live in the „Ile de France“, 15% shall be coming mostly by car from the neighboring countries (BeNeLux) and other parts of France. The remaining 10% are expected to be international tourists.

The year has started with some strong protests by farmers against low food prices, proposed reductions in state subsidies, and a EU-wide free trade agreement. The first public transportation strikes of the year have already taken place and more important ones are to be expected between March and September.


Strong start into the year with a new Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal (youngest ever at 34 years old) and the appointment of a new cabinet. The focus of his government will be on the following topics: authority and security; employment and job prospects in both the public and private sectors; and finally, agriculture and the environment.

A growth of 1.1% of GDP is expected for France over the year 2024. Inflation should decrease to come down to 3.4% which would strengthen the purchasing power of the French people.

Travel industry

Switzerland is number 13 in terms of most visited destination by the French people. French people mostly travel to their own country to visit the variety of it. Three third still tend to travel by car, especially if they’re not based in Paris (as all the main train lines are centralized in Paris).

Despite the strong inflation in France in the past years, French people don’t reduce vacation frequency or spending (upward trend). Almost half of the French people traveling believes that climate criteria plays an increasingly important role in destination selection. “City breakers”, “cultural explorers“ and „gourmets“ are the most sensitive to the theme of sustainability.

There is a special bond between Switzerland and France with the largest community of French people living abroad are being in Switzerland but also the largest community of Swiss people living abroad being in France. This enables a lot of back and forth trips to visit family and relatives. This type of vacation doesn’t usually generate overnights but is an important part of tourism flow to be considered.

Travel behavior

When traveling in Europe and thus to Switzerland, French people are looking for two main things: relaxation & exploration. In terms of travel motivations, there are five main triggers:
-Spend quality time with loved ones
-Relax, take time for yourself
-Meet as many (local) people as possible
-Discover a city
-Discover a region’s cultural heritage

French people have on average 33 days of vacation per year which makes them the perfect candidates for off-season travel and city trips. 24% of French people who take a vacation to Switzerland have visited in the months of September to November. There is a huge opportunity to position the autumn season in France.

More than half of the French people traveling would be ready to extend their stay if home office is an option in the traveling destination.

Market Strategy

Switzerland Tourism France will leverage the media effect of the Olympic Games to communicate in the first half of the year about the variety of Switzerland through the diversity of sport activities. The aim is to surprise the French potential customers by being present in the media L’Equipe (the largest sports newspaper in France) where they don’t necessarily expect a touristic destination.
Switzerland Tourism France wants to maximize the results of our marketing campaigns by precisely selecting our communication platforms to target the desired customers in the different phases of the customer journey. To do so, a campaign has been put into place with the national media Le Monde. At the same time, some segmented campaigns based on the personas to target new customers will take place.
To promote the in-between seasons of Spring and Autumn and encourage guests to stay longer, partner tour operators and travel agencies will be proposing 2 for 3 offers. We will continue to promote ready to use itineraries and packages to inspire visitors to do more activities and therefore maximize the added value in the destinations.

Throughout the year and with the excuse of the Olympic Games and Lausanne being the Olympic capital, we will strengthen the partnership with the main transportation partners Swiss Travel System and TGV Lyria to promote Switzerland as a Swisstainable destination perfect for short city breaks.

The French market focuses primarily on the personas Kris, Max, Pat & Jo. Find more information about the personas here.  

Key Performance Indicators

Final 2023Budget 2024
Bed nights hotels1’398’2841’413’019
Turnover Total (CHF)n/a
Growth 2023 – 2024+1%-1.1% (vs 2025)
Campaigning & Activation
·      Top-Marketing Contacts121’763’578110’000’000
·      Customer reactions691’282610’000
·      Tracked Sessions on MyS.com per year3’734’1613’500’000
·      Engagement Rate on MyS.com50.8%50%
·      Engagement Rate on Social Media4.41%3.43%
Media work (KMM)
·      Top-Coverage articles125125
·      Top-Coverage media contacts362’490’128310’000’000
·      Qualified Interactions with KMM437430
Trade (KAM)
·      Influenced overnight with tour operators57’50065’000
·      Influenced revenue with tour operators7’475’0008’450’000
·      Specific group and FIT packages2930
·      Qualified Interactions with KAM55120
·      Meetings: RFP’s181180
·      Influenced revenue business events2’491’5061’998’000
·      Qualified Interactions with business accounts3’0672’900
Partner cooperations
·      Investments tourism partners946’000969’500