Switzerland Tourism Benelux is based in Amsterdam and Brussels and covers the marketing communication activities in the countries Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. BeNeLux is the 5th most important source market for Swiss tourism with 1.34 million overnight stays. You’ll find here all relevant information about the BeNeLux market.


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Know the basics

AddressesSwitzerland Tourism
Keizersgracht 203
1016 DS Amsterdam

Switzerland Tourism
c/o Swiss Embassy
Place du Luxembourg 1
1050 Bruxelles
Market ManagerArmando Troncana, Director BeNeLux
Contact+31 6 534 219 92

Meet the Team

The 9 team members based in the BeNeLux work primarily out of Amsterdam, with each a media and SCIB representative based in Brussels. 

Marketing team

Monica Danuser, Marketing Manager Summer & Autumn


+31 (0)20 620 26 91


Guillaume Schneuwly, Marketing Manager Winter & Cities


+31 (0)20 675 98 93


Janine Nijlant, Project Manager Marketing & Trade


+31 (0)6 43 82 70 86



Research and reports

  • ST market research page –– here
  • ST Research Report 2023 –– Download here
  • ST TMS 2017 –– Download here

Market activities

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Market update and reporting of finalized activities 2024

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Localized annual plan 2024

Last updated: 05/01/24 by AT

Market Situation

The year 2023 was characterised by a positive trend in tourism demand for Switzerland. After 2022, the number of overnight stays in 2023 will again reach the pre-crisis level of the record tourism year 2019. BeNeLux guests are proving to be very keen travellers and are increasingly visiting closer European destinations, including Switzerland. This positive trend is likely to continue in 2024, even if there are many unknowns to be reckoned with. Inflation has fallen sharply in 2023, but the strong Swiss franc exchange rate will dampen travel sentiment and demand for Switzerland somewhat. Uncertainties also arise due to the unstable geopolitical situation. A large proportion of BeNeLux guests will also increasingly travel to Switzerland by car despite higher energy prices. A consistently strong demand for sustainable and nature-based travel experiences, including the popular panoramic train journeys, gives us hope for a successful travel year for BeNeLux guests in 2024.


In 2023, the Dutch economy experienced a slowdown but remained resilient and the forecasts for 2024 look better again. Growth of 1.1% is expected in 2024 and 1.7% in 2025. Inflation fell to 4.6% in 2023 and is expected to fall further to an estimated 3.7% in 2024. Growth is set to benefit from increased public consumption and investment. A still strong labour market supports the domestic demand. Unemployment rate remains low at 3.9%.

Economic growth in Belgium is expected to remain broadly stable over 2024 with an increase of 1.4% in 2024 and 1.5% in 2025. In view of the evolution of energy prices and the mitigating effect of government measures, inflation is projected to reach 4.2% in 2024, before declining to 1.9% in 2025. Private consumption is set to remain robust over the forecast horizon, as purchasing power of households is supported by the automatic indexation of wages and social benefits.

Growth forecasts in Luxembourg is set at 1.4% for 2024. Employment and wage growth and high purchasing power will remain robust.

Travel industry

2023 was a very successful year for the travel industry and the predictions for 2024 indicate that vacations and travel remain high on the list of priorities. In 2023 most important European destinations recorded double-digit growth. This need for travel will continue in 2024 partly due to the expected improvement in purchasing power resulting in a predicted growth of 3 percent for the entire leisure sector in 2024. Travel companies in particular are expected to generate more turnover (+8 percent). This is partly thanks to the wanderlust Gen Z. Travel Trade is investing in making sustainable initiatives more visible to offer the travelers more sustainable travel and holiday alternatives. With Swisstainable and the very popular panoramic trains, Switzerland has an extremely favorable starting position and there is interest and demand. Nevertheless, it must be pointed out that Switzerland is a direct booking market for the BeNeLux countries and only a small proportion of Switzerland travellers book trips via an operator. This is mostly the case for scenic train journeys.

Travel behavior

The BeNeLux guests appreciate our nature and our mountains. Hiking, cycling and winter sports remain the most popular outdoor activities and important reasons for travelling. Swiss cities are also high in demand. Direct train connections and night trains from the Netherlands to Basel and Zurich are operating very successfully and offer new opportunities to attract a younger and climate-conscious audience to Switzerland. Travel behavior is changing in term of travel season. Increased demand has been registered outside the high seasons. Several industries are choosing to give more flexibility to their employees and not close their business completely during the summer months, making it easier for people without children to travel outside the high season. September and October are so becoming increasingly important travel months.  Furthermore, travelers want to travel more sustainably, but also do not want to miss out on their holidays. Holidays by train are growing and travelers do not mind a few hours of extra travel time and opt for a sustainable journey. Travelers are also searching for places where you can spend your holidays away from the crowd. This happens by looking at the less popular places and closer to nature. Switzerland is very well positioned in this regard. Travel forecast for the Netherlands foresees a yearly growth of 1,2% till 2030.


The BeNeLux market focuses primarily on the personas Lou, Kris and Pat. Find more information about the personas here.  

Key Performance Indicators

Final 2023Budget 2024
Bed nights hotels1’365’9951’392’000
Campaigning & Activation*
·      Top-Marketing Contacts139’318’79335’000’000
·      Customer reactions304’482270’000
·      Tracked Sessions on MyS.com per year2’623’4992’600’000
·      Engagement Rate on MyS.com48,15%48.0%
·      Engagement Rate on Social Media0,84%0,84%
Media work (KMM)*
·      Top-Coverage articles2122
·      Top-Coverage media contacts54’474’06236’000’000
·      Qualified Interactions with KMM756800
Trade (KAM)*
·      Influenced overnight with tour operators143’158150’000
·      Influenced revenue with tour operators20’042’02021’000’000
·      Specific group and FIT packages216210
·      Qualified Interactions with KAM243250
·      Meetings: RFP’s5590
·      Influenced revenue business events2’145’8513’300’000
·      Qualified Interactions with business accounts1’0091’200
Partner cooperations
·      Investments tourism partners772’900787’590