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Brand Switzerland’s new communications presence

Switzerland Tourism develops, cultivates and reinforces brand Switzerland's image in the global tourist industry, its main goal being to make Switzerland one of the most desirable destinations for tourists and travellers in our target markets. To achieve this, we use professional marketing instruments and form strong coalitions both with our tourism providers and with Swiss business. To enhance the efficiency of our market presence, we check the efficacy of these instruments on a regular basis and sometimes use rather surprising and unconventional methods too.

Switzerland Tourism's visuals are defined largely by two main elements: the colour red andthe sender. The colour red is an allusion to the colour of the Swiss flag. The Switzerland Tourism sender, meanwhile, consists of the word "Switzerland", the gold flower signet and claim "get natural". The word "Switzerland" communicates what we stand for. The gilt edelweiss with a Swiss flag in its centre is a combined allusion to the natural beauty of our country and to our high standards of quality and independence. It depicts Switzerland as a jewel. "get natural" is our brand promise to our guests.