Crise financière

Dernières nouvelles
the European Travel Commission (ETC) has released a 16 page report about the financial crises and the implications for European tourism with interesting figures and theses.
The ETC is expecting a decline of 3% of arrivals from outside of Europe to European Destinations in 2009. Intra-European travel is expected to be more stable. World GDP is expected to be 2.4% (2008), 1.0% (2009), 2.9% (2010), 4.0% (2011) and 4.2% (2012). The ETC tourism forecast is in line with the prognosis of BAK Basel Economics (-3.0% overnights in Swiss Hotels in 2009). For detailed results about different markets, consider the attached report.
 Financial Crisis and Implications for European Tourism (222 KB)
 Demand in the tourism industry recovering (114 KB)
 Crisis casts dark cloud above tourism (95 KB)
 Economic downturn continues to weaken tourism industry (91 KB)
 Economic downturn to worsen (92 KB)
 Bleak Tourism Season hits Europe (99 KB)
 Business Travel Sector suffering `sharp` decline (90 KB)
 European tourism takes a beating in 2009 (94 KB)
 Insights into tourism branding (101 KB)