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Instructions for creation of landing pages on

Choose below the right template for your landing page. If you need help, please contact us. We are pleased to assist you!

  • Please download everytime the last version of the briefing
  • All mandatory fields must be filled out
  • The order is confirmed by email after receipt of the complete briefing
  • The site will be published after 5 working days
  • Pictures must be minimum 1005 pixel wide
  • One amendment will be accepted

Usefull hints and tricks:
Download instructions for landing pages Webwriting (DE)
Yorick Biselx
Phone: +41 (0)44 288 13 44
Send us the completed briefing to

Overview page with links to detail pages or offers
Template for overview pageThe overview page is ideal for an appearance with a big amount of content. It is possible to display detail pages from or offers from the STNet Datanetwork.

Template for keypartner campaign pageOne landingpage (Microsite) with video and more options.

Note: only for keypartners.
Price on request.
Template for competitionCompetition with a question and three possible answers. Includes detailed information and links to relevant prices and a contact form to participate in the competition (including market-specific legal text).

Opportunity for an individual text on the confirmation page.
Offer page
Template for offer pageListing of several offers. Max. 5 offers.
Partner offer with teaser on the homepage
Template for partner offer pagePage with a specific partner offer, which rotates as a teaser on the homepage in the right column of in the “offers” category.

Note: purchasable offer.
ST partner page
Template for ST partner pageST partner page / presentation of a partner of Switzerland Tourism.

Note: only after separate agreement!
Information page
Template for information page For tourist information (theme park, museum, regions, etc.)

Note: This is not meant for offers!